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[CU] [1165641] 库拉索岛求购笔记本电脑(Laptop Computers) (05-25)
  16.6 inch monitor. Procesor I7.8GB RAM.
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相关买家: 笔记本电脑; Laptop Computers;
[IN] [1165640] 印度求购微型扬声器(Micro Speakers) (05-25)
  Inquiry about micro speakers of the diameter of 10mm-15mm for Bluetooth wireless earbuds.
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相关买家: 扬声器; Micro Speakers;
[ZA] [1165639] 南非求购手机(Mobile Phone) (05-25)
  I am looking for a smartphone
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相关买家: 手机; Mobile Phone;
[MY] [1165637] 马来西亚求购充电宝(Power Bank 20000 mAh) (05-25)
  I want to OEM power bank
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相关买家: 充电宝; Power Bank;
[SA] [1165636] 沙特阿拉伯求购Used Iphones(Used Iphones) (05-25)
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[KE] [1165635] 肯尼亚求购微波炉(Microwaves) (05-25)
  I want digital microwas and capacities are: 20L and 30L
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相关买家: 微波炉; Microwaves;
[IR] [1165634] 伊朗求购空调(Green Air Conditioner) (05-25)
  What is different betewent gree and green
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相关买家: 空调; Air Conditioner;
[US] [1165633] 美国求购游戏鼠标(Wholesale Gaming Mouse) (05-25)
  Any color, standard size
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相关买家: 游戏鼠标;
[IN] [1165632] 印度求购无人机(Drone) (05-25)
  I need a customised drone for visual inspection in side tanks (like gas or oil tanks ), the size should be 1.5 to 2 feet, good HD quality camera, 400 lumens of light intensity and 1 to 1.5 kg wait car...
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[IN] [1165631] 印度求购石纸笔记本(Stone Paper Notebook) (05-25)
  Notebooks of stone paper in multiple colors - for schools and offices.
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相关买家: Stone Paper Notebook;
[ZM] [1165630] 赞比亚求购A4 80GSM 500 Sheet Office Paper(A4 80GSM 500 Sheet Office Paper) (05-25)
  A4 80GSM 500 sheet office paper. It should be of high quality and it should not jam in machines. One that is good for inkjet and Lazer jet printing machines...
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相关买家: Office Paper;
[ET] [1165629] 埃塞俄比亚求购土木工程实验室设备(Civil Engineering Lab Equipment's) (05-25)
  Dear Sir, This is genene from Ethiopia I'm looking for civil engineering lab equipment, if your company interested to supply please let me know I have *** the details below Thank!
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相关买家: 实验室设备;
[MA] [1165628] 摩洛哥求购LED灯(LED Canopy Light consultation) (05-25)
  we are contacting you as part of our consultation launch for the canopy lighting. we are a Moroccan petroleum company looking for a serious service provider to build a long-term relationship. As...
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相关买家: LED灯; LED Canopy Light;
[BR] [1165627] 巴西求购钢圆棒 34CrAlNi7(steel round bar 34CrAlNi7) (05-25)
  lease send me FOB price on DIN 1.8550 / 34CrAlNi7 Alloy Steel Bar Nitriding Steel for automotive industry! Good night Do you sell steel round bar 34CrAlNi7 with 3/4" and 1" ?
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相关买家: 钢圆棒; steel round bar;
[US] [1165626] 美国求购金云母/高温硅树脂(MSC MORKSTAR CORP phlogopite mica/high temperature silicone resin) (05-25)
  a.) The product is a phlogopite mica paper with high temperature silicone resin: b.) Thickness: .015" (.38mm) x 1.125" width x 40.5"lenght c.) quantity per year 150,000/strips OR 12,500/per month....
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相关买家: 金云母; 高温硅树脂; phlogopite mica; silicone resin;
[CO] [1165625] 哥伦比亚求购鞋底注塑机(about: TPU sole injection moulding machine) (05-25)
  Hello, We are looking to buy a king kong bi colour machine of 14 stations o similar. Do you have this type of machine in your stock? I would loike to have the price for single and two colours for sol...
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相关买家: 鞋底注塑机; sole injection moulding machine;
[BR] [1165624] 巴西求购冷轧卷(Importing Cold Rolled Coil ) (05-25)
  We are interested in importing Cold-Rolled Coil like below: - Cold Rolled Coil 0,60x1200 SAE 1008 - Cold Rolled Coil 0,45x1200 SAE 1008 - Cold Rolled Coil 0,40x1200 SAE 1008 Please send us FOB...
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相关买家: 冷轧卷; Cold Rolled Coil;
[US] [1165623] 美国求购按摩椅(about: DELUXE MASSAGE CHAIR) (05-25)
  Hi. I bought a used RT-H05 massage chair, but it didn't have any information on the operation of the buttons on the remote control. Is it possible to get a copy of the instructions because I'm not s...
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相关买家: 按摩椅; MASSAGE CHAIR;
[ID] [1165622] 印尼求购VAG PICO 隔膜阀(VAG PICO Diaphragm Valve) (05-25)
  My name is Ahmad Prasetyo and I’m a Junior Engineer at Java Pratama Energi Ltd. I am looking for a supplier for VAG PICO Diaphragm Valve with specipications PN 10*and DN 40*. I want to know whether yo...
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相关买家: 隔膜阀; Diaphragm Valve;
[ID] [1165621] 印尼求购压缩成型机(compression molding machine for flip off) (05-25)
  Dear Sales team, i need offer from you regarding compression molding machine for flip off. kindly contact my by wechat or whatsapp or email. thank you Regards
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相关买家: 压缩成型机; compression molding machine;
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