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[BI] [1185779] 布隆迪求购大米(Rice) (12-01)
  Dear Sir, We would like to import Rice. Please provide a price list for different kind of rice you are having. Thank you.
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相关买家: 大米; Rice;
[PK] [1185777] 巴基斯坦求购小麦(Barley) (12-01)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy Barley. Origin: Kazakhstan HS code: 1003900000 Packaging Method: bulk or ton bag Transportation Mode: 26 tons/box of 40 foot container of Central Asia Express Produ...
相关买家: 小麦; Barley;
[CA] [1185775] 加拿大求购矿泉水(Mineral Bottles Water) (12-01)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy Mineral Bottles Water 500ML, 1L, 1.5L CIF or FOB price for contract supply. Let us know if available. Thank you.
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相关买家: 矿泉水; Mineral Bottles Water;
[AE] [1185774] 阿联酋求购旧电脑(used Laptops) (12-01)
  Dear Sir, We are interested in used Laptops for Dubai market, Add us in your mailing list. Also Send us any whatsapp number for more conversation. Please send us your Updated inventory. Reg...
相关买家: 旧电脑; used Laptops;
[DE] [1185773] [有图]德国求购电容器(capacitors 330v1400uf flash capacitor) (12-01)
  Ladies and Gentlemen, we need 1000 pieces of electrolytic capacitors 5.5 volts - 5 farat We *** a drawing. Offer us the goods with freight costs to Germany with the following address:
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相关买家: 电容器; capacitors; flash capacitor;
[DE] [1185772] 德国求购汽车轮胎(Greentrac tires) (12-01)
  Hello,My Name is from Germany, i have to buy Greentrac tires in the Year 2020i want to buy a container again.Can i have a pricelist for the Greentrac tires?Here is my E-mail Adress Here my Handy numb...
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相关买家: 汽车轮胎; Greentrac tires;
[DE] [1185771] [有图]德国求购U盘(Portable Pendrive USB Flash Drive) (12-01)
  Please send me a quote:Kissin Factory Outlet Thumb Drive High Speed USB 2.0/3.0 150 piecesa) 16GB b) 32GBwelltext Kommunikationwiith Logo print (Colors: dark grey, light grey and red)
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相关买家: U盘; USB Flash Drive;
[QA] [1185770] 卡塔尔求购喷泉(waterfall rain fountain) (12-01)
  good morningplease we need waterfall rain fountain in our current project, please contact in whatapp for more details
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相关买家: 喷泉; waterfall rain fountain;
[SG] [1185769] 新加坡求购庆典派对用品(New Year Decorations Items) (12-01)
  Request for quotation to supply Chinese New Year Decoration items , see ***ment files for details. Please establish whatapps communication with me at , Singapore
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相关买家: 庆典用品; 派对用品;
[SG] [1185768] 新加坡求购防鸽防鸟栅栏钉(Pigeon Deterrent Bird Fence Spikes for Bird Control) (12-01)
  do you have stock . bird spike is black colour. 6000pcs. need urgently. please quote us air shipment door to door. thanks.
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[US] [1185767] 美国求购电视柜(TV Cabinet) (12-01)
  Please advise the cost of a laser cabinet to support a 130" projector screen. Thanks. Feature: Electric telescopic cabinet
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相关买家: 电视柜; TV Cabinet;
[UZ] [1185766] 乌兹别克斯坦求购体重秤(Body Composition Scales) (12-01)
  Dear Sir or MadamOur company located in Uzbekistan. We are interested in Original VA Screen 8 Sensor Hand Foot Measurement BIA Bioelectrical Impedance Body Composition Scales. . We want to buy 100 pie...
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相关买家: 体重秤; Body Composition Scales;
[UK] [1185765] 英国求购电视机(tv) (12-01)
  Hello, i would like to purchase 1 x 110 inch television. please tell me if it comes in english language.
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相关买家: 电视机; tv;
[MY] [1185764] 马来西亚求购脱机氯化系统(Offline chlorination system (tumbler) (12-01)
  Our compqny emerald glove manufactuting sdn bhd wish to purchase tje above mentioned equipment for our factory in taiping, mqlaysia.
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相关买家: 脱机氯化系统; Offline chlorination system;
[FR] [1185763] 法国求购蓄电池(electrical accumulators) (12-01)
  Good eveningI am Marc Palazon, the CEO of an IT Services company named Smile of ~2000 people including around 300 people in UkraineIn order to help our employees and their families there, we are look...
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相关买家: 蓄电池; electrical accumulators;
[AU] [1185762] [有图]澳大利亚求购瓶子(bottle) (12-01)
  I’m looking for the manufacturer in China who supply: This wholesaler in australia sell a particular bottle that we are looking to source, Since this bottle is made in China - if we can find who is ...
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相关买家: 瓶子; bottle;
[DK] [1185761] 丹麦求购磁性材料(Magnetic Boiler Filter) (12-01)
  Dear Sales, Pls. be kind to send more info, documentation and prices regarding all models of your magnetic filter for heating system. Best regards
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相关买家: 磁性材料; Magnetic Boiler Filter;
[UK] [1185760] 英国求购丰田汽车(Toyota Mirai) (12-01)
  Hello! My name is Slava Skachkov and I'm Chief Purchasing officer for L-Charge LLC. We are engaged in designing and production of EV cars charging stations. Now we are looking for Toyota Mirai for...
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相关买家: 丰田汽车; Toyota Mirai;
[AT] [1185759] [有图]奥地利求购包装标签(embossed label) (12-01)
  We need a logo for our ZirbenLfter made of enamel white/black - see drawing and photos.
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相关买家: 包装标签; embossed label;
[PK] [1185758] 巴基斯坦求购天然蛋白粉(Natural Protein Powder) (12-01)
  Dear Concern I hope you are doing well I would like to know details about whey protein products Shaheryar
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相关买家: 天然蛋白粉; Natural Protein Powder;
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