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[US] [1190688] [有图]美国求购展会帐篷(10x10 Instant Canopy Tent) (02-08)
  Hello, I would like to know if there is additional costs for having business logo printed on the tent?
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相关买家: 展会帐篷; Canopy Tent;
[US] [1190687] [有图]美国求购男士卫衣及帽衫(custom mens clothing) (02-08)
  I would like to get this T-shirt printed from my collection. The printing method could be either Heat Transfer Printing, DTG(direct-to-garment) or full color silk screen printing. Colors of the shirt:...
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相关买家: 男士卫衣; 帽衫; custom mens clothing;
[US] [1190686] [有图]美国求购迷你自拍戒指(Mini Selfie Ring) (02-08)
  How much to add logo to selfie ring? Function:Selfie Material:ABS Feature:Portable Application:Selfie,fill-in light Battery:Lithium Battery Rechargeable LED:3 File Color:White Black Pink Blue ...
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相关买家: 自拍戒指; Selfie Ring;
[AU] [1190685] [有图]澳大利亚求购防汗带(Sweatband custom logo coloured) (02-08)
  I'm after different coloured sweatbands (for the head not wrist) with my custom logo on it. I want to get 50 in pink, 50 in white, 35 in blue, 35 in green, and 30 in yellow.
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相关买家: 防汗带; Sweatband;
[CI] [1190684] 科特迪瓦求购铝锭(aluminum A7) (02-08)
  I am looking for aluminum A7 15000MT Aluminum 380/ 8000MT Origin South Africa or anywhere in Africa.
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相关买家: 铝锭; aluminum A7;
[IN] [1190683] 印度客户求购香料粉碎机(powder grinding machine) (02-08)
  I want requirement chilli powder grinding machine 40 hp and turmeric powder grinding machine 40 hp
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相关买家: 香料粉碎机; powder grinding machine;
[IN] [1190682] 印度客户求购研磨机(grinder) (02-08)
  I need a pulverizer machine can grind seed wheet, bajra, barli&maize etc.. can you supply the grinder machine
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相关买家: 研磨机; grinder;
[US] [1190681] [有图]美国求购led化妆包(makeup case with led mirrors) (02-08)
  We’re now looking for makeup case with led mirror for our Spring Box 2024, required shipment completion Sep, Could you provide the product proposal to FFF including cost, feature, ID, key spec, featu...
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相关买家: led化妆包; makeup case;
[MV] [1190680] 马尔代夫求购食用油(Cooking oil (palm oil) (02-08)
  Packing 18liter jerry can 20 feet full load container CIF to Male' port (MALDIVES)
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相关买家: 食用油; Cooking oil; palm oil;
[IN] [1190679] 印度求购胶带(Rogers foam) (02-08)
  Dear Sir, Pl quote for following Rogers’ foam part nos .—Qty -1 roll each Pl mention thickness, width & length in 1 roll of sheet SR.NO. POWIN PART NO DESCRIPTION MATERIAL SUPPLIER SUPPLIER PART...
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相关买家: 胶带; Rogers foam;
[IN] [1190678] 印度求购花胶(Fish Maws) (02-08)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy Fish Maws. Please contact us asap. Thank you.
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相关买家: 花胶; Fish Maws;
[PK] [1190677] 巴基斯坦求购化工(Ephedrine Hydrochloride) (02-08)
  Dear Sir, We need to buy Ephedrine Hydrochloride. Please let us know if available. Thank you.
相关买家: 化工; Ephedrine Hydrochloride;
[GN] [1190676] 几内亚求购黄金(Gold) (02-08)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for buy Gold, Diamonds and Bauxite Ores and Food Products, Cashew nuts etc. Looking forward to hear soon from you. Thank you.
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相关买家: 黄金; Gold;
[AE] [1190675] 阿联酋求购大米(Sona Masoori Rice) (02-08)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for Sona Masoori Rice. Qty: 5 containers per week Percentage Broken: 0-5% New Rice only Country of origin: India Packing: 18 kg PP Bag Destination port: Jabal Ali Po...
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相关买家: 大米;
[SG] [1190674] 新加坡求购红枣(Dates) (02-08)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy Dates. Please let us know if available. Thank you.
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相关买家: 红枣; Dates;
[IN] [1190673] 印度求购塑料玩具(Plastic Toys) (02-08)
  Dear Sir, We need to buy Plastic Toys and Plastic Household items. Anyone having even ex-model of product's molds, we may opt to buy. Hope to hear from you soon. Regards.
相关买家: 塑料玩具; Plastic Toys;
[SA] [1190672] 沙特阿拉伯求购化工材料(HDPE Materials) (02-08)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy HDPE Materials. HE-3490-LS HE-3490 HDPE-BM6246 LS Please share us your WhatsApp number and We will send you above material specification data. Thank you.
相关买家: 化工材料; HDPE Materials;
[IN] [1190671] 印度求购大米(Rice) (02-08)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy Rice and Sugar. F the price of both items are constant what is the price of 5kg, 25kg of Rice and 50kg and 100kg of sugar? What is the minimum sell ? Thank You.
相关买家: 大米; Rice;
[PK] [1190668] 巴基斯坦求购化工(HDPE) (02-08)
  Dear Sir, We are interested to buy HDPE. Please contact us asap. Thank You.
相关买家: 化工; HDPE;
[TW] [1190666] 台湾求购柴油(Diesel) (02-08)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy the following products: 1. Diesel / EN590 Qty: 100000 MT monthly for one year contract 2. Light Cycle Oil (LCO) Qty: 100000 MT monthly for one year contract 3. P...
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相关买家: 柴油; Diesel;
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