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[GU] [1190181] 关岛求购办公隔断(Modern Room Divider Used Glass Office Fixed Wall Partition) (02-01)
  Please inform me SZ-WS652/ SZ-WS666 series system.vWe are office furniture resale company
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相关买家: 办公隔断;
[SE] [1190180] 瑞典求购TFT显示器(TFT Display) (02-01)
  Hi,I am working at a Swedish electric motorcycle manufacturer called Stilride.We are looking for a TFT display supplier, do you have experiance of displays for the automotive and maybe also motorcycle...
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相关买家: TFT显示器; TFT Display;
[ES] [1190179] 西班牙求购带盖的垃圾桶(Plastic garbage bucket with lid) (02-01)
  Hello, I am interested in your product, I need to know what the cost of an order of 40 units would be, including (FOB).Before placing an order, I would need a sample of it.regards
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相关买家: 垃圾桶; Plastic garbage bucket;
[CA] [1190178] 加拿大求购燃油(Fuel Oil) (02-01)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy Fuel Oil 180 CST. Quantity: 40000 MT/Month, 20000 MT/ shipment price CIF Delivery Location Bangladesh, Chittagong Port Payment Term: DLC, payment at sight Vessel Age...
相关买家: 燃油; Fuel Oil;
[TN] [1190177] [有图]突尼斯求购远足背包(hicking backpack) (02-01)
  Dear this is ANDY the senior buyer from Ozeol International purchasing company. We are supplying 304 stores in the French market. We can buy with large quantities , and we are specialized in purchas...
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相关买家: 远足背包; hicking backpack;
[ZW] [1190176] 津巴布韦求购食用油(Cooking Oils) (02-01)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for Cooking Oils. Please contact us asap. Thank you.
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相关买家: 食用油; Cooking Oils;
[NL] [1190175] 荷兰求购温度控制器(INKBIRD ITC-308 wifi thermostat plug temperature controller) (02-01)
  Dear Sir/Madam,First off, Happy new year to you and your family, friends and co-workers. I wish you all a happy, healty and prosperous year.. In the past our company purchased inkbird products and we ...
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相关买家: 温度控制器; temperature controller;
[PH] [1190174] 菲律宾求购化工(Chemicals) (02-01)
  Dear Sir, We would like to purchase Chemicals in large quantity. Please provide your products specifications and your prices. Thank you.
相关买家: 化工; Chemicals;
[PL] [1190173] 波兰求购静电粉末涂装装置(Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipment) (02-01)
  Hi, I'm intresting to buy 2 sets of "Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipment Automatic System/Automatic Robot Spray Painting Machine" including 2 pcs. of guns for each "Electrostatic Powder Coating Equ...
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相关买家: 静电粉末涂装装置; Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipment;
[FR] [1190172] 法国求购糖(Sugar) (02-01)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy Sugar 45 Icumsa. Origin: Brazil Destination: CIF – Turkey Contract: 200000 MT in 12 months delivery Total Quantity: 2400000 metric tons Packing: 50 kg plastic bags f...
相关买家: ; Sugar;
[US] [1190171] 美国求购男士 T 恤(blank shirts) (02-01)
  Hello. I run . We are looking for a new manufacturer for our blank shirts (we print them ourselves). Could I get a sample of this? Possibly the Black in size Large.
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相关买家: 男士T恤; blank shirts;
[PK] [1190170] 巴基斯坦求购废铁(Old Iron Scrap) (02-01)
  Dear Sir, We need to buy Old Iron Scrap 5 Tons. Looking forward to hear soon from you. Regards.
相关买家: 废铁; Old Iron Scrap;
[MM] [1190169] 缅甸求购聚阴离子纤维素PAC(Pac Hv Pac R Polyanionic Cellulose) (02-01)
  Dear Sirs,Thank you for your support to us for Myanmar market.'Please see our new RFQ for Drilling Mud Chems PolyPAC-UL (your equivalent product) 25MT as per the *** specification for CIF Yangon, My...
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[ZA] [1190168] 南非求购柴油(Diesel) (02-01)
  Dear Sir, We require Diesel / EN590 10 ppm for 5 different clients at 200000 MT per month for 12 months contract or longer with rolls and extensions. Please offer us your best price to attract...
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相关买家: 柴油; Diesel;
[NL] [1190167] 荷兰求购补充5HTP和色氨酸(5HTP and Tryptophan supplements) (02-01)
  Hi, We are 8hrS, a premium European brand of Natural Sleeping products . We sell in more than 8 countries, retail and direct to consumer on our own website and marketplaces such as Amazon. We are look...
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[US] [1190166] 美国求购鸡蛋托盘(egg carton pulp) (02-01)
  Hello, May i mix the size so 1/2 6 eggs and 1/2 dozen eggs holder in natural brown color. What is the price please I am shopping hard for best price. Thanks
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相关买家: 鸡蛋托盘; egg carton pulp;
[DO] [1190165] 多米尼加求购液压油(hydraulic oil 68) (02-01)
  Looking for Hydraulic Fluid 68 in 5 Gallon Plastic Pails, also 40,50, 15W-40, same also en Gallons packed 6 per Carton. Send sample Price to our Mail . if Price is ok we Discuss how much 20 Foot Cont...
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相关买家: 液压油; hydraulic oil;
[SA] [1190164] 沙特阿拉伯求购汽油(Gasoline) (02-01)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for a supplier of Gasoline (Diesel and Petrol). If you are interested in a cooperation, do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.
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相关买家: 汽油; Gasoline;
[IN] [1190163] [有图]印度求购2.54节距单排双塑料直销头(2.54 pitch single row double plastic straight pin header) (02-01)
  Hi,I would like to know the price of 2.54pitch, 40pin, single row, Straight pin Header.My required quantity is between 2500 to 5000.I am from India. Please do reply to my email.
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相关买家: 直销头 straight pin header;
[AE] [1190162] 阿联酋求购餐叉(Dinner Forks) (02-01)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for Cutlery Sets including Dinner Forks, Spoons, Dinner Knife, Salad Forks etc. Must be premium quality, silver made. (Six Pieces Per Pack, Inside 10 KG Box) Requireme...
相关买家: 餐叉; Dinner Forks;
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