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[DE] [1179644] 德国求购木制托盘(bonfire play tray) (09-29)
  Hi Connie, Phoebe send the catalogue to me, this is what I am intessted in. Please offer direct with a pdf to and send prices, meassurements for each and the shipping time, any in stock? Want to see ...
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相关买家: 木制托盘; bonfire play tray;
[CH] [1179642] 瑞士求购定制霓虹灯(Custom Neon Signs) (09-29)
  Hello. I would like to produce different lightboxes and also high voltage neons signs. The pdf here explains you what i want. I need a shipment to Switzerland. Please write me here if interested :
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相关买家: 霓虹灯; Custom Neon Signs;
[ID] [1179640] 印尼求购服务器电源(server power supply) (09-29)
  Hi Lisha, I need server power supply part number 723595-201. I need about 45 units. Let me know the price and availability. If ok I will need the power supply to be sent to our agent in Guangzhou. ...
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相关买家: 服务器电源; server power supply;
[IN] [1179639] 印度求购通讯和网络模组(wifi APs) (09-29)
  Hi,We are RTLS company Looking for wifi APs for our customers.we may need AP Firmware customization with BLE included.Annual Quantity :10k.
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相关买家: 通讯和网络模组; wifi APs;
[RU] [1179637] [有图]俄罗斯求购塑料杯(Plastic cup) (09-29)
  Dear Partner, pls quote plastic cups 2color logo 12 cm height dia -8 cm.can be 1-2cm higher 350ml 15000pcs Thank you! - Best FOB price (we need to get LOWEST price at once, it’s competitive bi...
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相关买家: 塑料杯; Plastic cup;
[IN] [1179636] [有图]印度求购乙二醇(Glycols) (09-29)
  Dear all, We are leading manufacturers and exporters of Brake Fluids & Coolants and are looking for new suppliers for Glycols. We look forward to your valued details as we require 100 MT monthly for...
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相关买家: 乙二醇; Glycols;
[TR] [1179635] [有图]土耳其求购广告灯(Advertising Logo Gobo Projector Light) (09-29)
  Hello there. We need a 35w outdoor gobo.We need 11 for trial purposes. We prepared 2 different logos. How can we send these logos to you.Can we take it to Turkey without any problem?
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相关买家: 广告灯; Advertising Light;
[AU] [1179634] [有图]澳大利亚求购电脑电源(computer power) (09-29)
  Hey Sita,My name is Daniel, I was interested in getting a quote for 60 power supplies. Delivered to Melbourne Australia. Also can you supply 24 pin male atx connectors to go with each of the supplies?...
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相关买家: 电脑电源; computer power;
[HK] [1179633] 中国香港求购TPU防水布(TPU Waterproof Fabric with TPU Membrane) (09-29)
  Hi,We are lingerie mfg under sourcing inner waterproof layer for period panty making. It doesn't matter with knitted or woven fabric as long as it got mechanical stretch and TPU water proof function. ...
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相关买家: TPU防水布; TPU Waterproof Fabric;
[US] [1179632] 美国求购高脚酒杯(Skull goblet cup) (09-29)
  Hi, this is ákos Szabó from Zakpe sro! We’re selling skull related products mainly to the USA market through our own brand, and I am looking for long term relationship with a supplier that can manufa...
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相关买家: 高脚酒杯; Skull goblet cup;
[BE] [1179631] [有图]比利时求购游戏电脑机箱(gaming computer case) (09-29)
  New ES280 Black Tempered Cool Modern Special Desktop Gabinetet PC ATX Gaming Computer Case & Towers, what is the price for the case and what is the price (separate) if I include all the fans + the po...
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相关买家: 游戏电脑机箱; gaming computer case;
[GN] [1179630] 几内亚求购扬声器配件(speaker accessories) (09-29)
  hi can i know price for line array accessoires kit for KS25, for K1 and K1-SBMr Christophe GrenierAfrica Sound Concept
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相关买家: 扬声器; speaker accessories;
[CA] [1179629] 加拿大求购键盘(keyboard) (09-29)
  hello my address is 885 timberline drive Campbell river Bc and V9H0A8 is my postal code what is the final cost including shipping for j 100 keyboard and mouse
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相关买家: 键盘; keyboard;
[US] [1179628] 美国求购保险杠模具(bumper tooling) (09-29)
  hello I am interested in learning more about the bumper tooling and what equipment is needed . I would like to manufacture bumpers in the USA. my email is above just at the at symbol.
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相关买家: 保险杠模具; bumper tooling;
[SA] [1179627] 沙特求购绣花机(embroidery machine) (09-29)
  Dear Sir , This is Mr. Samman from , based in Riyadh Saudi Arabia actually we are the agent of Barudan m but we have one customer who is looking and willing to place an order of the following mach...
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相关买家: 绣花机; embroidery machine;
[US] [1179626] 美国求购亚克力散石展示盒(Acrylic loose stone display box gem display box) (09-29)
  I would like to purchase 40 of your Clear Acrylic loose stone display box gem display box 5.7*3.7*1.5cm with the black foam insert and a total cost to ship to
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相关买家: 展示盒; display box;
[PL] [1179625] 波兰求购迷你暖风机(mini heater fan) (09-29)
  Dear,My name is. I am the CEO of Polish company 'Toram'.Our company specializes in cooling factories.I am writing to you to ask about your mini heater fan.Could you please send some detail to followin...
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相关买家: 迷你暖风机; mini heater fan;
[US] [1179624] [有图]美国求购耳机(earphone) (09-29)
  hello I am interested in this product in color Black,2 In 1 Watch With Earbuds
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相关买家: 耳机; earphone;
[US] [1179623] 美国求购不锈钢桶(stainless steel drums) (09-29)
  Hi. Could you provide a quote of 100 stainless steel drums (food grade) 55gal (200l.)Please include delivery to Houston,Texas (USA) Port. Thank you
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相关买家: 不锈钢桶; stainless steel drums;
[BR] [1179621] 巴西求购手动车床(1100W Manual Metal Lathe Machine) (09-29)
  Hello Sally YangMy name is Marcos and I resell another type of goods from China, now I'm preparing new order for my seller and I'd like to put this lathe together my order.For this I need:Proform Invo...
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相关买家: 手动车床; Metal Lathe Machine;
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