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[TR] [1200601] 土耳其求购向日葵油(Refined Soybean Oils) (06-08)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy Refined Soybean Oils. Shipping Terms, CIF, Origin, Brazil, Total /Contract 25, 000MT x 12 months contract Quantity: Duration of Contract: 12 Months contract ...
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相关买家: 向日葵油; Refined Soybean Oils;
[IT] [1200600] 意大利求购废料(Scraps) (06-08)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy Scraps and Rails Please contact us asap. Regards.
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相关买家: 废料; Scraps;
[MX] [1200598] [有图]墨西哥求购油漆刷(Wood Artist Paint Brush) (06-08)
  Hi, Im Francisco Rubio I am Mexican importer I need your sets brushes DDP Mexico Feel free to contact me
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相关买家: 油漆刷; Wood Artist Paint Brush;
[IN] [1200597] 印度求购干果(Dry Fruits) (06-08)
  Dear Sir, We will required your all items quotation of Dry Fruits segments and other items if you have so you are requested to please share your quotation. Thank you.
相关买家: 干果; Dry Fruits;
[MX] [1200596] 墨西哥求购镀锌钢(Galvanized steel) (06-08)
  Hello I′m looking for Galvanized steel G90 4X10ft Gauge 10 3.42mm
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相关买家: 镀锌钢; Galvanized steel;
[MX] [1200595] 墨西哥求购铝型材(Alloy 6063-T5/6061-T6) (06-08)
  I am interested in your product, please contact me by whatsapp at
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相关买家: 铝型材; Alloy;
[MX] [1200594] 墨西哥求购卡车车胎(truck tyres) (06-08)
  Hi Michael can you send me a whattsapp please? Im interested in tires, México. Ing.Leo Cavazos
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相关买家: 卡车车胎; truck tyres;
[AU] [1200593] 澳大利亚求购大米(Jasmine Rice) (06-08)
  Dear Sir, We need to buy Jasmine Rice. 216 tons , but destination Zanzibar port Please contact us asap. Thank you.
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相关买家: 大米; Jasmine Rice;
[MX] [1200592] 墨西哥求购身体面部光亮粉(Body Face Shinning Powder) (06-07)
  Hi, I am lilly zam I am a mexican importer, I am looking for your product. I need DDP México. Feel free to Contact me at Makeup Fairy High Gloss Brighten Body Face Shinning Powder
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相关买家: 光亮粉; Shinning Powder;
[RO] [1200591] 罗马尼亚求购胶合板(Three Layer Shuttering Panels) (06-07)
  Hello, we are interested in buying 25 cubic meters. Can you please tell us if there is a standard manufacture style or if you manufacture at other dimensions mentioned by the client, for example 21 mm...
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相关买家: 胶合板; Shuttering Panels;
[NL] [1200590] 荷兰求购锂离子电池(100kw pack battery) (06-07)
  350v lithium ion battery 100kw pack battery for car,electric car batteries lithium ion pack3 sets $1,790.00.Please confirm price and delivery time.Order can be placed this week.The size 1835*880*300(H...
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相关买家: 锂离子电池; pack battery;
[PT] [1200589] 葡萄牙求购电动三轮车(electric 3 wheel bike) (06-07)
  Hi Can you send me your best quotation for 1 container of this electric 3 wheel bike? Also send me other options you have. Send to my email Thank you
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相关买家: 电动三轮车; electric bike;
[PT] [1200588] 葡萄牙求购玩具人偶(Bearbrick Small Toy) (06-07)
  Hello Lisa I would like to know if you can help me design toys and if I can see prototypes first.If you have mimium order quantity. I want also to incorporate an electrical system inside the toys. Ar...
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相关买家: 玩具人偶; Bearbrick Small Toy;
[PT] [1200587] 葡萄牙求购装载机(Loader) (06-07)
  Hello!I'm interesting this Loader. how much is shipping to Portugal? Is it possible to buy on the terms of DDU? Thank you.
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相关买家: 装载机; Loader;
[FI] [1200586] 芬兰求购金属钥匙扣(keychain) (06-07)
  Good afternoon!How is your day?I want to order sample pack 10 of each color.I want the samples shipped toMuinaislinnantie 6 (street addres)00950 (postal code)Helsinki (city)Uusimaa (province)Finland (...
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相关买家: 金属钥匙扣; keychain;
[BG] [1200585] [有图]保加利亚求购剪刀式升降机(scissor lift) (06-07)
  Hello, we have the following order inquiry. please fill in your parameters and price in this file and *** a photo. This is a test order.You could write back me by email.Kind regards, Mit freundlichen ...
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 剪刀式升降机; scissor lift;
[PL] [1200584] 波兰求购***(Tws True Wireless Earbuds) (06-07)
  What is the best price you can offer? Please contact my whats up
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相关买家: 无线耳机; Wireless Earbuds;
[PL] [1200583] 波兰求购家具腿(SOFA FURNITURE ACCESSORIES) (06-07)
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[PL] [1200582] 波兰求购太阳能逆变器(hybrid solar inverter) (06-07)
  Hello I'm interested to buy hybrid solar inverter Deye 12kW-3 pcs or one 30-40kWAlso Will be great if you will have battery for off-grid system (about 100-140kW)
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相关买家: 太阳能逆变器; hybrid solar inverter;
[DE] [1200581] 德国求购首饰盒(Custom Jewellery Packing Box) (06-07)
  Dear Supplier, I hope this message finds you well. Your hard cover boxes look very nice and I am a fan of it, but I have a few questions and needs, I hope you can help me. **What I Need:** 1. Mat...
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相关买家: 首饰盒; Jewellery Packing Box;
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