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[AL] [1222174] 阿拉伯共和国求购瓦锡兰(Wartsila 6RTflex50B) (02-28)
  Please quote the price for engine Wartsila 6RTflex50B diesel engine for sale
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[US] [1222173] [有图]美国求购运动手提袋(Sporty Tote Bag) (02-28)
  Hi There, I'm interested in ordering the beige with black lettering. I'd like to order 500. Could I get a sample picture of what it would look like? Thank you so much
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相关买家: 运动手提袋; Sporty Tote Bag;
[IE] [1222172] 都柏林求购集装箱发电机组(natural gas containerized gensets) (02-28)
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相关买家: 集装箱发电机组; natural gas containerized gensets;
[IL] [1222171] 伊斯坦布尔求购电厂设备(JGS620) (02-28)
  Hi. i was interested in your offer. please tell me the price and send me a good photo of 2019 Jenbacher JGS 620
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[NL] [1222170] 阿姆斯特丹求购康明斯(HFO GENSETS) (02-28)
  2022 Cummins diesel hfo gensets new china
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相关买家: 康明斯; HFO GENSETS;
[US] [1222169] 美国求购重油电机组(HFO GENSETS) (02-28)
  brand new STX-MAN 18V32/40 genuine new diesel gensets hfo china in stock
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相关买家: 重油电机组; HFO GENSETS;
[UK] [1222168] 英国求购燃气机(gas engine) (02-28)
  1000kw natural gas/biogas/LPG generator set
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相关买家: 燃气机; gas engine;
[TN] [1222167] 突尼斯求购桌布(tablecloth) (02-28)
  I'm buying big quantity of French size table cloth and any other hone textile products we are in the clearance business and we supply discount stores in France. we buy all kinds of overstocks like...
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相关买家: 桌布; tablecloth;
[PH] [1222166] 菲律宾求购橄榄油(OLIVE POMACE OIL) (02-28)
  Good day! My name's Gaetano Orlando, italian owner of the Company based in the Philippines, I would like to know if possible to have private brand on a packaging PET 5L of Pomace and EVOO. Requirement...
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相关买家: 橄榄油; OLIVE POMACE OIL;
[CO] [1222165] 哥伦比亚求购重油机组(HFO POWER PLANTS) (02-28)
  MAN 18V 28/32S diesel genset, unused
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相关买家: 重油机组; HFO POWER PLANTS;
[HN] [1222164] 洪都拉斯求购重油发电机(HFO GENSETS) (02-28)
  Interested in this item, please provide more information i.e prices, number of engine available, bop available. HFO power plant 18V28/32S
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相关买家: 重油发电机; HFO GENSETS;
[YE] [1222163] 也门求购发电机组(gensets) (02-28)
  "32mw new man 18v3240 power plant 6 units"
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相关买家: 发电机组; gensets;
[UK] [1222162] 英国求购电厂设备(power plant) (02-28)
  Please provide quotes for Jenbacher INNIO models
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相关买家: 电厂设备; power plant;
[TR] [1222161] 土耳其求购塑料薄膜(SUPER CLEAR / CLEAR PVC) (02-28)
  Hello. I am looking for stock or can ve urgently delivered super clear or clear pvc film to use in bag manufacturing. The specs required are as follows: * 0,18mm * clear / super clear pvc * 24p...
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[PH] [1222160] [有图]菲律宾求购碳酸镁(MgCO3) (02-27)
  Dear,I am writing to inquire about the possibility of placing a bulk order for high-quality MgCO3 for climbing. We are interested in purchasing the product for our brand, RUNGNE, which produces high-q...
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相关买家: 碳酸镁; MgCO3;
[AR] [1222159] 阿根廷求购钼丝(Molybdenum Wire) (02-27)
  Dear My name is and I belong to in Córdoba, Argentina.I kindly request a pro forma invoice with the cost of shipping via DHL included for the following products:Molybdenum Wire for EDM, 0,18mm x 2000...
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相关买家: 钼丝; Molybdenum Wire;
[AR] [1222158] 阿根廷求购信号发生器(gwinstek Arbitration Function Generator) (02-27)
  Hello dear friend,pelase can you provide information and quote the following:11units - AFG- 210542 units GDM-8245quote me with FOB price at your near airport. Best possible delivery date Payment c...
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相关买家: 信号发生器;
[IN] [1222157] 印度求购钼杆(molybdenum rod) (02-27)
  Dear Sir I am looking for molybdenum rd with purity of 99.9% our size is 60MM diameter and quantity is 200KG every order please give us your best price
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相关买家: 钼杆; molybdenum rod;
[CA] [1222155] 加拿大求购杀菌釜(retort) (02-27)
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相关买家: 杀菌釜; retort;
[IN] [1222154] 印度求购CPU废料(CPU Scrap) (02-27)
  Yes,I am interested in it.And I want 5 kg as sample.The payment is cash on delivery
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相关买家: CPU废料; CPU Scrap;
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