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[FR] [1118569] 法国求购甲苯二异氰酸酯tdi 80/20。(Toluene diisocyanate tdi 80/20.) (02-19)
  Dear Sir/Madam. Have a nice day! Please We are interested to purchase one of your products as follows below: Toluene diisocyanate tdi 80/20. Quantity,6 x 20 ft, FCL. Packing,250 kg, Plastic Dru...
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相关买家: 甲苯二异氰酸酯; Toluene diisocyanate;
[PE] [1118568] 秘鲁求购氯丁橡胶(NEOPRENE GLUE) (02-19)
  We are interested to buy glue to industry shoes. We usually import materials to shoes industry and we want to start to buy good glue to shoes industry. We thought to import from Brazil but think Nan P...
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相关买家: 氯丁橡胶; NEOPRENE GLUE;
[EG] [1118567] 埃及求购盐酸***(sibutramine hcl) (02-19)
  Hello I would like to ask about sibutramine hcl
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相关买家: 盐酸西布曲明; sibutramine hcl;
[EG] [1118559] 埃及求购原料药植物甲萘醌(API Phytomenadione) (02-19)
  Dear Dr. , Good morning, I hope you all are safe and in good health. With you from MAM, Mahmoud Taha in charge of foreign purchasing department. In the beginning, I would like to welcome you...
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相关买家: 原料药; 植物甲萘醌; API Phytomenadione;
[UG] [1118494] 乌干达求购甲醇(Methyl Alcohol) (02-19)
  I want methyl alcohol at target price of US$ 220.00/mt with 1,000 MT Trial, and 20,000 mt/month x 12 months. CIF CHINA PORT, PAYMENT TERMS NON TRANSFERABLE LC. Interested sellers please send speci...
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相关买家: 甲醇; Methyl Alcohol;
[UA] [1118485] [有图]乌克兰求购油墨(ink) (02-19)
  Good day. I am looking for an ink supplier. Need ink for painting ribbons, matrix cartridges. Planned purchase of 400 liters per year. ***ment-Information on printer models. Ink desirable: Kks-13...
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相关买家: 油墨; ink;
[SG] [1118462] [有图]新加坡求购化工助剂(Transulcent Flame Retardant) (02-19)
  quantity: 140 Piece/Pieces Singapore 140 Piece/Pieces Hi, we are looking for this product, do you able to quote? thank you. 4mm Translucent Flame Retardant Correx 2440mm x 1220mm qty 140 pcs...
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相关买家: 化工助剂; Transulcent Flame Retardant;
[ES] [1118460] 西班牙求购管状聚丙烯(tubular pp) (02-19)
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相关买家: 管状聚丙烯; tubular pp;
[EG] [1118454] 埃及求购氧化铬绿(chromium oxide green) (02-19)
  Hello dear we are Egyptian factory , need chromium oxide green use it in ceramic pigment manufacture send offer to
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相关买家: 氧化铬绿; chromium oxide green;
[CO] [1118391] 哥伦比亚求购过碳酸钠(Sodium Percarbonate) (02-18)
  Estimated providerMy name is RUBEN DARIO ARIAS, Graduate Specialist in Logistics and International Business, from BOGOTA, COLOMBIA.please your response will be appreciated.We are looking for a supplie...
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相关买家: 过碳酸钠; Sodium Percarbonate;
[IN] [1118379] 印度求购筛子清洁剂(sieve Cleaners) (02-18)
  We are interested in your sieve Cleaners. Please mail us your catalogue Thanking You, Aman Gupta Duli Chand Ram Chand
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相关买家: 清洁剂; sieve Cleaners;
[TR] [1118294] 土耳其求购钛酸钡(BaTiO3 Barium Titanate) (02-10)
  Dear AuthorityCan you please send us price, MSDS, TDS and Certificate of analysis of Barium titanate to my email adress regards
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相关买家: 钛酸钡; BaTiO3; Barium Titanate;
[TR] [1118274] 土耳其求购有机中间体(bisphenol A ethoxylate (6 oe) dimeth acrylate) (02-10)
  Dear. I need dear Cindy. I need bisphenol A ethoxylate (6 oe) dimeth acrylate CAS: 41637-38-1. And ask for an offer. Best regards
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相关买家: 有机中间体;
[NP] [1118263] [有图]尼泊尔求购植物提取物(jatamansi) (02-10)
  High quality of Jatamansi Nepal origin Please contact on
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相关买家: 植物提取物; jatamansi;
[IN] [1118206] 印度求购塑料原料(Plastic Raw Materials) (02-08)
  We manufacturer of PPR Pipes and PVC pipes so weneed your best price for PPR polypropylene Random granules and virgin PVC Resin per MT.
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相关买家: 塑料原料; Plastic Raw Materials;
[AU] [1118112] 澳大利亚求购70毫升UV固化油墨(70 ml UV CURING inks) (02-08)
  Hello, I'm wanting 5 sets of 70 ml UV CURING inks -- 5 x Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/Black -- what cost total -- ship to Sydney ... Thank you.
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相关买家: UV固化油墨; UV CURING inks;
[PK] [1118086] 巴基斯坦求购化工(chemicals/Gelatin/Citrus Pectin) (02-08)
  Dear Sir, We have receive inquiry from Customer : A**** Chemical Co. Please quote your best price from for the following products: 1. 1000 KG Gelatin 180 Bloom 2. 500 KG Citrus Pectin 3. 2000...
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相关买家: Citrus Pectin; Sorbitol Powder; Sodium Saccharine;
[US] [1118032] [有图]美国求购氯丁橡胶(Rubber Sheet Transparent Neoprene) (02-08)
  Hello I would like product that is 4" X 3" 1/8" thickness, can you reach me directly at my email for more details please?
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相关买家: 氯丁橡胶; Rubber Sheet;
[CM] [1118024] 喀麦隆求购次氯酸钙(Calcium Hypochlorite 70%) (02-07)
  Calcium hypochlorite 70%
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相关买家: 次氯酸钙; Calcium Hypochlorite;
[IN] [1117879] 印度求购LLDPE&RP颗粒(LLDPE & RP Granules) (02-07)
  Dear Sir, We need to purchase LLDPE plant waste or RP Granules in quantity. It's our regular requirement. Please get back to us ASAP. Thank you.
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