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[IN] [1196458] 印度求购替米沙坦(Telmisartan Price) (04-19)
  Telmisartan tablets
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[CA] [1196393] 加拿大求购除臭剂(Deodorants) (04-19)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy Deodorants. Please contact us asap. Thank you.
相关买家: 除臭剂; Deodorants;
[ZW] [1196382] 津巴布韦求购化工(Sodium Laureth Sulphate) (04-19)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy the following products: Sodium Laureth Sulphate Sulfonic Acid Cocamidopropyl Betaine Sodium Hypochlorite CDEA Glycerin Formalin Fragrances Please quote your be...
相关买家: 化工; Sodium Laureth Sulphate;
[MX] [1196366] 墨西哥求购有机中间体(,3 dihydroxyacetone powder) (04-19)
  Dear Sirs:I need Initially for testing this product CAS 96-26-4 cosmetic grade 1,3 dihydroxyacetone powder (DHA)To ship to California United States. Initially 1kgPlease send more information to this w...
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相关买家: 有机中间体;
[IN] [1196283] 印度求购丙烯酸废片(PMMA Acrylic sheet) (04-18)
  Thank you, I need around 26 MT now and can you arrange a meet my partner want to meet you and check the material for booking
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相关买家: 丙烯酸废片; PMMA Acrylic sheet;
[DE] [1196282] 德国求购HDPE废片(HDPE flakes) (04-18)
  Dear Sir or Madam, we are a Plastic Recycler, based in Germany, Hamburg. We are interested in different materials like HDPE and PP for our Production. Could you offer me something like HDPE Drums r...
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相关买家: HDPE废片; HDPE flakes;
[EG] [1196278] 埃及求购废薄膜(ldpe film scrap) (04-18)
  Hello , I Am we talked on *** website, I want to know the following information please, your company name, your company location, your available quantity, your company bank. I would also like to clar...
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相关买家: 废薄膜; ldpe film scrap;
[UK] [1196264] 英国求购化工(Urea prilled & NPK) (04-18)
  1. Urea Prilled = N % 46 Moisture content % 0.2 - 1.0max Particle size 1-3mm, Color Snow white 2. Compound D = N% 10.6 P% 21 K% 12.1 S% 5.0 moisture CONTENT % 1.0 , Particle size % 90.2 . Quanti...
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相关买家: 化工; Urea prilled; NPK;
[US] [1196258] 美国求购丁基橡胶(Butyl Rubber) (04-18)
  Dear Sir, We need Butyl Rubber in latex form that can be used for glove production. Let us know if available. Thank you.
相关买家: 丁基橡胶; Butyl Rubber;
[VN] [1196251] 越南求购ldpe 薄膜废料(LDPE film scrap) (04-17)
  Thank you for your offer. I would like to communicate with you about this business. SO brief me your products and Quotation so that I and my team will take some decision and we can do business toget...
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相关买家: ldpe薄膜废料; LDPE film scrap;
[QA] [1196248] 卡塔尔求购洗衣粉(Detergent Powder) (04-17)
  We, Al-Qadi Company for Import and Export of Detergent Powder.
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相关买家: 洗衣粉; Detergent Powder;
[MX] [1196239] 墨西哥求购ldpe 薄膜废料(LDPE film scrap) (04-17)
  I thank you for your email please send me pictures of your details items with FOB prices Thank you
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相关买家: ldpe薄膜废料; LDPE film scrap;
[TZ] [1196159] 坦桑尼亚求购化工(Cinnamon) (04-17)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy the following products: 1. Cinnamon 300 Boxes 2. Cumin Seeds 300 Bags 3. Black Pepper 200 Bags 4. Citric Acid 300 Bags Port of Delivery: Zanzibar Please let us ...
[IN] [1196140] 印度求购女贞花染发剂(Privia Hair Dye) (04-14)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for buy Privia Hair Dye as wholesale. We would like to have information. I live California, USA. We are looking forward for your business. Thank you.
相关买家: 染发剂; Hair Dye;
[RU] [1196113] 俄罗斯求购HDPE(HDPE) (04-14)
  Dear sirs! We ask you to inform us about the possibility and conditions of delivery of primary pellets of low-pressure polyethylene (HDPE). The minimum monthly requirement is 100 tons. In add...
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相关买家: HDPE;
[KR] [1196110] 韩国求购有机中间体(1H,1H,2H,2H-Perfluorodecyltrimethoxysilane) (04-13)
  hello, this is Sean from South Korea.I would like to know your product which cas number is 83048-65-1I think it would be easier for me to check if you answer by emailmy email address is
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相关买家: 有机中间体;
[RU] [1196100] 俄罗斯求购液压软管(Request on hydraulic hoses) (04-14)
  Good afternoon! My name is Mary. I'm the head of the foreign trade department of the large trading company LC Partner-Hydraulic. We are interesting in high pressure hydraulic hoses. could you conta...
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相关买家: 液压软管; hydraulic hoses;
[UG] [1196099] 乌干达求购制冷剂气体(Refrigerant Gas R134A) (04-13)
  Dear Sir/Madam We are based in East Africa and our headquarters in UK, we here by request to have a long term business with your esteemed company. Currently, we wish to purchase the following pr...
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相关买家: 制冷剂气体; Refrigerant Gas;
[ZA] [1196074] [有图]南非求购鞋油(spray shoe polish kit gift) (04-14)
  Hi, I run The Sneaker Shack. Do you have experience with making product for South Africa? I would like to explore a sample? I would like to order customised set for us.
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相关买家: 鞋油;
[IN] [1196014] 印度求购苏打粉(soda ash) (04-13)
  Moq 10MT initially required only from manufacturer. Kindly provide the rate as competitive Indian market. Thanks
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相关买家: 苏打粉; soda ash;
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