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[IN] [1127243] [有图]印度求购口罩(masks) (04-20)
  We wish to purchase Repeatable Washing Cotton Mask. Please send us a detailed quotation including prices, delivery times, mode of payment etc. We need our logo with 3D embroidery.
相关买家: 口罩; masks;
[CA] [1127233] 加拿大求购N95口罩(N95 mask) (04-20)
  I would like to request quotes on the FDA approved N95 masks in both three (3) and five (5) layer forms of this mask. It would also be appreciated if your suppliers would send me a Quote on hand sani...
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: N95口罩; N95 mask;
[IN] [1127230] 印度求购药品(medicine) (04-20)
  medicine and any thing related to the medication filed.
相关买家: 药品; medicine;
[MN] [1127225] 蒙古求购婴儿纸尿裤(baby diapers) (04-20)
  We are planning to import a good quality of baby diapers with competitive price from the global market. It would be appreciated if you provide me with a baby diaper e-catalog and Price Quotation for...
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 婴儿纸尿裤; baby diapers;
[US] [1127179] [有图]美国求购丁腈手套(Nitrile gloves) (04-20)
  Hello, please send me your complete product catalog of Disposable nitrile gloves along with prices. What is production capacity? Time, delivery. Do you accept LC? Product demand 1 Million+ Boxes
相关买家: 丁腈手套; Nitrile gloves;
[IN] [1127178] [有图]印度求购一次性手套(disposable glove) (04-20)
  Can you send me more information about your Disposable Nitrile Gloves Powder Free?
相关买家: 一次性手套; disposable glove;
[US] [1127177] [有图]美国求购口罩(masks) (04-20)
  Before placing an order, I’d like to know more about your Face mask.
相关买家: 口罩; masks;
[US] [1127176] [有图]美国求购口罩(masks) (04-20)
  I am looking for 5 million 3m 1860 n95 masks. The company I work for is capable of buying immediately. Please let me know if this is possible.
相关买家: 口罩; masks;
[US] [1127174] [有图]美国求购丁腈手套(Nitrile gloves) (04-20)
  I am Kushtrim Peci at Fonero LCC, located in the Washington DC, United States. We have been in International trade over the 20 years. We are currently looking to source 700,000 Box of Nitrile powde...
相关买家: 丁腈手套; Nitrile gloves;
[PK] [1127173] [有图]巴基斯坦求购丁腈手套(Nitrile gloves) (04-20)
  Hi, please send me MOQ and FOB prices for your Disposable nitrile household gloves.
相关买家: 丁腈手套; Nitrile gloves;
[IN] [1127172] [有图]印度求购一次性手套(disposable glove) (04-20)
  Our company is looking to buy your glove. Please let us know the price per unit as well as the MOQ. Thanks.
相关买家: 一次性手套; disposable glove;
[IQ] [1127171] [有图]伊拉克求购丁腈手套(Nitrile gloves) (04-20)
  Before placing an order, I’d like to know more about your nitrile gloves.
相关买家: 丁腈手套; Nitrile gloves;
[US] [1127170] [有图]美国求购丁腈手套(Nitrile gloves) (04-20)
  We are looking for wholesale prices around $5.00 US per box (of 100) of Nitrile gloves. Requesting 3 day lead time initial order of 30000 boxes with additional orders after.
相关买家: 丁腈手套; Nitrile gloves;
[PE] [1127169] [有图]秘鲁求购口罩(masks) (04-20)
  Please, say me if you send the products with a certificate of 3M lot. We need know if you are partner of 3M, you have a document how garanties. We have interesting in more 10 thousand or more.
相关买家: 口罩; masks;
[US] [1127168] [有图]美国求购一次性手套(disposable glove) (04-20)
  Hi, we are interested in buying your Disposable Gloves. Please let us have your quotation, lead time, and delivery conditions. Thanks. I AM REPRESENT MTA MEDICAL GROUP,LLC MY NAME YURIY GERMAN,ADMIN...
相关买家: 一次性手套; disposable glove;
[IT] [1127167] [有图]意大利求购口罩(masks) (04-20)
  Please to send me best offer and CE and report only if mask really have Ce in NB and you company is in white list
相关买家: 口罩; masks;
[IN] [1127166] [有图]印度求购口罩(mask) (04-20)
  We are interested in all your mmm N95 1860, N95 1860,surgical mask, Face mask listed here. Please send us more information.
相关买家: 口罩; mask;
[CH] [1127164] [有图]瑞士求购丁腈手套(Nitrile gloves) (04-19)
  Dear college ! we look suppliers for nitrils gloves and face masks. We have our distribution line in manucure industry in europe, and we look for a partners for this products. Forward your reply,
相关买家: 丁腈手套; Nitrile gloves;
[TH] [1127162] [有图]泰国求购丁腈手套(Nitrile gloves) (04-19)
  i want to buy nitrile glove how much price per box 100 pcs
相关买家: 丁腈手套; Nitrile gloves;
[ES] [1127161] [有图]西班牙求购一次性手套(Nitrile gloves) (04-19)
  Hello, Ny name is Eni from ENIGIFT PROMOTIONS S.L. (Spain). I need best quotation for different quantities: * Nitrile Gloves. Please write me to my email, ok?
相关买家: 一次性手套; Nitrile gloves;
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