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[SA] [1089538] 沙特阿拉伯求购手机壳(phone case) (06-21)
  hello, i would like to have TPU Bumper Case for Iphone with different model color. shipping to riyadh , saudi arabia by air mail there is a pic for my order thank you
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[SI] [1089495] 斯洛文尼亚求购手机壳(phone case) (06-20)
  Hello im looking for a manufactury that can fabricated cover case for iphone 5-6 with a custom design and a additional battery. please inform me with the prices and everything Kindly tha...
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[CA] [1089492] 加拿大求购手机壳(phone case) (06-20)
  Hello, my name is Harpreet and I am looking to start an online business selling iphone cases. I'm looking to purchase customized Iphone 6 cases. I need them to be extremely thin with no brandi...
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[DE] [1089316] 德国求购手机壳(phone case) (06-19)
  Hi we are looking for a iPhone X , iPhone 8, iPhone xs Max and iPhone Xr Case with a black color. Best Regards from Germany !
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[ES] [1089307] 西班牙求购硅胶相机套(silicone camera cover) (06-19)
  Good Morning: My name is Julio César and I am responsible for purchases of the company JJ Parts Iberica. We are creating a new division for the sale of photographic products for the Spanish and Po...
相关买家: 硅胶相机套; silicone camera cover;
[UK] [1089153] 英国求购电脑壳(Macbook case) (06-18)
  Hi, I’m interested in your product OEM factory high quality matte hard plastic case for apple macbook pro, I would like some more details. I look forward for your reply.
相关买家: 电脑壳; Macbook case;
[HK] [1088785] 香港求购手机(Mobile Phones) (06-16)
  Looking for buy Mobile Phones.New (open box) iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB.
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[CO] [1088656] 哥伦比亚求购手机壳(phone case) (06-15)
  Hello, I am an Importer in Colombia and I am looking for new suppliers, need parts and housings for phones and tablets, expect prompt response. send me list of price the following email : thanks ..
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[AU] [1088543] 澳大利亚求购三星手机(samsung phones) (06-14)
  Hi, I would like to know the price for New and original Samsung Galaxy s10 / s10+ / Note10 / Note10+. I am interested in buying 100 Units. I am trying to find a relaible competitively priced suppli...
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[TH] [1088334] 泰国求购手机壳(phone case) (06-12)
  please advise the cost for your different phone case.
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[US] [1088190] 美国求购手机壳(phone case) (06-11)
  I need to get quotes over Huawei cell phones
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[FR] [1088144] 法国求购手机壳(phone case) (06-11)
  Send me your catalogue with price please,phone case mainly,thanks.
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[HK] [1088143] 香港求购手机壳(phone case) (06-11)
  Hello,please kindly send me product list of your new items,thanks.
相关买家: 手机壳; phone case;
[HK] [1088142] 香港求购手机壳(phone case) (06-11)
  Dear Sir, We are one of trading company in Hong Kong. I am looking Silicone phone stand for my UK customers, can you offer product photos for us and if you quote me the price is much better. ...
相关买家: 手机壳; phone case;
[US] [1088064] 美国求购手机壳(phone case) (06-11)
  Hi , Can you provide me with more information regarding the phone case? I would appreciate it if you can reply to me as soon as possible. Sincerely,
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[JP] [1088061] 日本求购手机壳(phone case) (06-11)
  Hello, My name is Yuta Noda, and I am emailing you from Japan. I'd like to know the latest price of your iphone Bumper and also if you have different products/cases of iphone, I'd like to have...
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[ZW] [1088000] 津巴布韦求购手机壳(phone case) (06-10)
  Hi, I’m interested in your product Shenzhen Wholesale Bright Case For Apple,I would like some more details: What is the best price you can offer? I look forward to your reply. Regards,
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[RU] [1087998] 俄罗斯求购手机壳(phone case) (06-10)
  Hi, could you pls calculate me iPhone cases. All parameters in *** file. Thanks.
相关买家: 手机壳; phone case;
[UK] [1087775] 英国求购旧手机(Use Iphones) (06-09)
  Dear Sir, We need to purchase use Iphone (USA). Further details availabl upon request. Thank you.
相关买家: 旧手机; Use Iphones;
[MY] [1087495] 马来西亚求购旧苹果手机(used Iphone) (06-08)
  Searching for used Iphone Suppliers in Malaysia Kindly contact my email.
相关买家: 苹果手机; used Iphone;
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