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[NL] [1137348] 荷兰求购蓝牙发射器(BLE) (08-03)
  Hello, I am looking for a product that can alert visitors who walk by my store, by sending a notification via BLE to their smartphone, that I have a sale. To attract people to my store without hand...
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相关买家: 蓝牙发射器; BLE;
[NL] [1137330] 荷兰求购天线(antenna) (08-03)
  We would like to place a repeat order for 500 pieces of this antenna, please check our last order number B170926/2, Performa Invoice 20170927212. Mechanical specifications : Length of antenna = 40mm...
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相关买家: 天线; antenna;
[CZ] [1137131] 捷克求购天线(yagi gsm 3g 8dbi antennas) (07-31)
  Dear, I would like to order somet pcs of yagi gsm 3g 8dbi antennas. Connector type: SMA male (as is in description but is not on the picture). It will be sent to Czech Republic to Prague. What wou...
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相关买家: 天线; antennas;
[US] [1136796] 美国求购三星手机(Samsung Galaxy) (07-27)
  Buy The Best Deal Of Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Price In China.
相关买家: 三星手机; Samsung Galaxy;
[ZA] [1136794] 南非求购苹果手机(Apple IPhones) (07-27)
  600, Original Apple IPhones And Other Mobil Phones Available.
相关买家: 苹果手机; Apple IPhones;
[MY] [1136739] 马来西亚求购天线(Fabricate Antenna) (07-26)
  Can you fabricate Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) antenna design?
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相关买家: 天线; Fabricate Antenna;
[IN] [1136537] 印度求购通讯天线(Antenna) (07-23)
  Hi,I am parikshit pandey from Enphase Energy Inc - USA.I am looking for alternate for Taoglass Antenna - RF Antenna 4DB Patch - 355 mm length and 750 mm length.Taoglas Part no # FXP74.07.0100A (100 m...
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相关买家: 通讯天线; Antenna;
[TR] [1136156] [有图]土耳其求购GPS 天线(GPS Rtk global navigation satellite system antenna) (07-19)
  High performance Wholesale customized high quality high precision quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces Turkey GNSS & 100 Piece/Pieces Hello, I am willing to buy 100pcs of gps antenna outer case. How...
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相关买家: GPS天线; GPS antenna;
[TR] [1135846] [有图]土耳其求购485HUB集线器(RS485 HUB) (07-14)
  Hi, we're an automation company in Turkey and star partner of Honeywell. We could use your products in our projects.. We have some questions 1-Do you have any model with buffer? 2-Is there also ...
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相关买家: 集线器; HUB;
[ES] [1135309] [有图]西班牙求购通讯和网络模组(Ai-Thinker ESP32-CAM WiFi + Ble Camera Module ESP32 Development) (07-08)
  ESP32 wifi quantity: 200 Piece/Pieces Spain 200 Piece/Pieces Hello, We are a Tech company from Spain, I am interesting in your AI ESP32 CAM with external antenna, with out pins (the same as y...
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[UG] [1135161] [有图]乌干达求购bulksms调制解调器池(bulksms modem pool) (07-06)
  hello Hello , am inerested in the bulksms modem can get back to me
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相关买家: 调制解调器池; bulksms modem pool;
[KE] [1134421] 肯尼亚求购实时定位gps***(Real-time Location gps tracker) (06-29)
  Hello Sally,I would like to order this product, 1000pcs for $1.5. Is that a good enough price for you? Then I will also need another product that has more than 1 input so that it can do sos, immobiliz...
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相关买家: gps跟踪器; gps tracker;
[AU] [1133948] 澳大利亚求购天线桅杆(telescopic antenna mast pole) (06-24)
  INQUIRY ABOUT CE/EPA/CSA/UL approved/certified telescopic antenna mast poleGood afternoon, Please see below / *** our request for quotation.Please advise via reply email your pricing, part numbers, le...
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相关买家: 天线桅杆; telescopic antenna mast pole;
[AU] [1133507] [有图]澳大利亚求购GPRS巡更控制系统(GPRS guard tour control systems) (06-21)
  INquiry about GPRS guard tour control systems Please send me detail product specification, thank you!I'm about to leave your site. Please email any information regarding my question to . Thank yo...
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相关买家: GPRS巡更控制系统; GPRS guard tour control systems;
[DE] [1133336] [有图]德国求购定制对讲机(Customized Walkie Talkie) (06-20)
  We are Germany buying Office. We would like to develop a Customized Walkie Talkie. Pls. see *** Retouch picture and reply us by email .
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相关买家: 定制对讲机; Customized Walkie Talkie;
[TR] [1133319] 土耳其求购多载波功放基站(RRU NSN Flexi MCPA FXED) (06-16)
  Hello,Could your give information for:Base Station Equipment RRU NSN Flexi MCPA FXED 472924A 1) Are they new oe refurbsihed?2) Lead time and warranty period?3) How many you can supply in 3-4 weeks?4) ...
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相关买家: 多载波功放基站; RRU NSN Flexi MCPA FXED;
[IN] [1133261] 印度求购网关(gateway) (06-18)
  Hi , we need 512 GSM -16/32/64 Port gateway Suggest costs and features thanks Anuj you can also mail me at. anuj at cyfuture dot com or
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相关买家: 网关; gateway;
[KE] [1133233] 肯尼亚求购红米10(Redmi Note 10 PRO Global) (06-17)
  8GB RAM 128 GB Camera 108 MP
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相关买家: 红米10; Redmi;
[IN] [1133043] 印度求购手机配件(Mobile phone accesories) (06-17)
  Hello, I am contacting your factory because I think we might be able to have a profitable relationship together and your factory is exactly what my company is looking for!We were hoping to make an in...
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相关买家: 手机配件; Mobile phone accesories;
[US] [1132529] 美国求购手机(iphone) (06-10)
  Xiaomi Mi 10 Global Version.
相关买家: 手机; iphone;
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